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The Russell Family

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Loren Russell has been actively involved in Florida College Florida Camp for more than 10 years (and up until this year his kids have not been old enough to attend). The only year he missed camp was when he and his wife Jennifer were adopting a little girl.

"Adoption is an opportunity to show the world a picture of the love that God has shown to us. Through the adoption process of our daughter, Lynnleigh, two years ago, we learned to lean on God more than we ever have before. Lord willing, we will be blessed with another precious soul to add to our family soon as we have started the process to adopt again. We are so very grateful to Sacred Selections and the financial support they provide to make this dream a reality for so many families.”

We are are so excited to be involved in the Russell’s second adoption this year. They will be receiving a portion of the funds raised at camp.

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