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We are excited to announce that our theme for 2019 Florida Camp is “Adopted in Christ.” (Romans 8:15-17)


Due to the immense amount of grace reflected in this expression of God’s love, we want to go the extra mile in sharing this principle with our campers. This year we are going to help support an adoption through Sacred Selections. This agency helps place children into loving, Christian homes. Our goal is raise a minimum of $25,000 between now and the end of camp. If we exceed this, it is our goal to help start a Sacred Selections endowment to give scholarships to adopted children attending Florida College. 


Campers: You can make a huge difference in this! Start planning now to save and make money to donate to the cause at camp. Lemonade stands, art projects, babysitting, mowing yards or any fundraiser no matter how small will help the cause! For each $25 donated, your society will automatically receive a point. Your parents and grandparents cannot give you money. This is your contribution to this fabulous cause. Bring your money with you to check-in at camp and be ready to say where your society points will go! 


Parents, Family & Friends: Obviously, we can not meet this goal without your support. Now leading up until camp, you will hear more on our adopted family and ways you can give back. We plan to livestream our talent show this year (Tuesday night of camp). The production of this show will be like the “ol Jerry Lewis telethons.” During the live event, viewers will have the opportunity to donate to the cause. We encourage you to share on Facebook and generate awareness for this goal!



Again, we are extremely excited. Camp is going to be extra fun this year as we learn about God’s adoption of us and putting that lesson into practice as we support the adoption of a child into a forever home.  


God Bless,

Mr. Phil

Ready to get involved? Click here to donate!

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