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Meet the Early Family

They are one of the couples we will support with our camp fundraiser this year. They adopted their son, Levi, in 2017. We plan to help them adopt his sibling this summer. 

“Patrick and I always wanted to be parents. It was a long journey of praying and waiting. Finally on Valentine's Day 2017, we got the call we had been praying for. Dana Carroza, director of Sacred Selections, called to inform us that a birth mother had chosen us! From the moment we were matched, we prayed for Levi and his birth mother. Because adoption is expensive, we spent our time fundraising and saving as much money as possible for the adoption. July 21, 2017 was our best day ever– Levi was born in Phoenix, Arizona. With the

help of Sacred Selections, many donors, and our fundraising efforts, Levi's adoption was fully funded! We were, and are so happy with the blessing that God gave us through Levi. So we were utterly surprised when we received a call in January letting us know that God is blessing us with another baby who will be coming at the end of August! Thank you for teaching young hearts about God's adoption of us as children, and for encouraging and opening their minds to help Christians to be able to provide loving homes through adoption.”

-Michelle Early

We can’t wait to meet Patrick, Michelle and Levi at camp this year!

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